Thursday, July 23, 2009

How Big is Felicity?

SO BIG! This little trick never gets old, however, Felicity has modified it a bit. Instead of lifting her arms on her own, she looks at one of my hands, grabs my index finger, very dramatically turns her head in search of my other hand and grabs the other index finger, then proceeds to lift up her arms and smile with the cheesiest smile ever! So Big and so cute!
This is her with Bethany on the slide.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Thus Far

I was updating my profile and pictures on the side and I saw all the pictures I took with my blog in mind. It is kind of funny because early on in my blog writing I had stories but not pictures, now I take pictures for the blog but never write the story that goes along with them. Oh well.

As I mentioned in my post earlier today, we have been on the go this summer; from the zoo, to park day, to wading pools, back to the zoo, to picnics, to fashion shows and then to the zoo and wading pools again! Man, have we been staying busy! Just yesterday Ronni was telling her daddy at dinner, "I had A LOT of special blessings today, I got to go to the pool and have chocolate milk from McDonald's, that is a lot of blessings..." It was really funny. Anyway, here are few of the pictures from our crazy-busy-fun summer thus far!

Works For Me

When my kids have had an overdose of fun and can't seem to figure out the proper way to act even after we have exhausted our normal form of discipline we resort to a last ditch effort, which so far has worked pretty well. It is called blackout. I learned of this term through Dr. Ray and my sister. Basically the kids know that there is a possiblity they could go into blackout when they misbehave. Blackout is a time in which they have to sit quietly without any special blessings. If they get one stick, it is 1 hour, 2 sticks 2 hours, 4 sticks equals a whole day. I use the stick so there is something tangible to help them understand what happened and it marks when it begins and when it is over.

For anyone who wants to know what my blackout system looks like: