Saturday, September 26, 2009

All I want for Christmas *Updated*

Is my two front teeth!

This blog post is dedicated to my littlest redhead, Felicity. Or as Tim likes to call her, Lissy, or as Peyton likes to call her Lissy-bug, or as Veronica likes to call her Gissy. (I don't mind the first two ;) Felicity is getting so big, nearing her first birthday, October 4. Right now she has four teeth that are almost all of the way in. Her two bottom middle teeth and the ones right next to her two front teeth, on the top. I could have titled this blog, I vant to suck your blood... she literally looks like she has vampire fangs, it is hilarious!! Her two front teeth are starting to break through, maybe by Christmas she won't look so goofy, maybe. I will post a picture of this when i get a chance... I used this picture as inspiration during Papa Pumpkin Camp! In the background is the pumpkin Tim carved. Introducing, Felicity Vampire!

Felicity is also almost walking, she will pull herself up to almost anything,a couch a chair, the wall a tonka truck, you name it. Speaking of tonka truck, this is, coincidentally, her new favorite toy. She likes to climb inside it and just lounge, every once in a while her sister or brother will drive her around the living room. This is how she rolls...

I am a little concerned for my future. She absolutley knows when she is being a bit mischevious, and absolutely doesn't care. If she gets caught she gives it up, but if you don't catch her she is home free! How I know this? Well, if she is holding anything that is not hers or isn't a toy if you walk anywhere near her she will automatically hold out her hand as if to give you the offending item. I have known for a while that this is a worrisomer trait in her but never have i been worried as much as today. I walked in from outside and she was playing with a lesson book I have for ronni that I left on the floor. I was just watching her for a little while, then she saw me. She opened the book and literally tried to climb in, basically hide herself in the pages. The closer i got the louder she laughed! I knew, for certain, at this moment that I am in big trouble where Lissy is concerned! I am sure she is not at all unlike another third child I have known in my life. (I may or may not be referring to myself)

She also did something really sweet tonight. With any of my other children we never really used a pacifier, we made sure they knew how to suck on one just in case, but never made sure we had one when leaving the house and going somewhere special. With Lissy we have definitely used it more, sparingly still, but more. The thing is is that she really likes the pacifier. If she could pick a favorite thing in the whole wide world, it would be the pacifier. Anytime a child would come over to my house, she would find their carseat in order to find a pacifier, and she has been rewarded many a time by a nice juicy pacifier just waiting for her to steal. Sometimes it didn't matter if a baby was in the carseat and the pacifier was in their mouth she would ultimately steal or try to steal the pacifier. Today we have are a watching a couple of kids for a friend. Sure enough there is a baby and sure enough there is a pacifier. Felicity is stoked I am sure. Anyway, the little boy was crying and felicity went over to him, took the pacifier off of the floor next to him and rather than put it in her mouth she picked it up and held it out to him. It was so sweet! Then after he stopped crying she took the pacifier out of his mouth and tried to hand it to me (still not putting it in her mouth).

Another sweet thing she does right now, kisses. She has for a few months, anytime you ask for kisses she will open her mouth and lean towards your mouth saying, "AAAHHH". She will also say a few words. She has been saying momma and dadda since about april, but lately she will say a few more. A lot of times she will say them a bunch of times on the first day she says them and then anytime you prompt her again it is hit or miss. For instance, when the Bills won their first game of the season she said touchdown. She also has said diaper. She is one of our best diaper changing babies yet. She will go to the closet where the diapers are, take one out of the drawer (with a little help) close the drawer and then close the door and then go to the diaper that you lay on the floor. I can't say enough about this sweet little girl, she just melts my heart.

My little girl is getting big, it really is crazy how fast time flies!

It's been a long time

You know it has been a long time since you have posted on your blog when:

Your url doesn't come up in your history

When you can't remember exactly what your url is

When you have to find your blog via a search engine

When you (finally) get to your blog and you forgot that you even posted the last post

When you are talking to no one when you blog because it has been so long people don't even come to your blog and check it unless directly told to...