Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More Pictures

More pictures we took to remember our Cranio Synostosis story.
"If you think this looks bad, you should see the other guy!"

The other guy:

We were told early Sunday morning that we would be spending another night in the PICU. Then Dr. M. came and told us that she just looked too good to stay. So as soon as we get that Art-line out we were ready to go.

Let's put it this way, she was NOT a fan of having that thing out... neither was her mom. I took a few pics, without really looking and then deferred to dad and nurse.

It took a little while for us to get transferred. Which was A-OK with us. We were able to watch almost all of the Bills game.  

The swelling really started to subside in her face on Sunday. By the end of the day her black eye nearly was gone.

About to say good-bye PICU...

On the move.

Snuggled in, enjoying the change of scenery. Or something like that.

Almost done!
Settled in:
While the nurse was getting us oriented a surprise was delivered.
 Tim asked who they were from and I said I would check after the nurse left. Good thing I did. They were from him, and just about the sweetest thing he could have ever done.
We were just about to go to dinner and then we had some surprise visitors! 
Aunt Rosi and Uncle Ray came for a visit. Bearing gifts of roses and pumpkin bars.
What a great first night on the Peds floor!

We were told we had to stay on the monitors for the majority of the time.
But when we were unplugged, we enjoyed every second! 

After dinner we came back and we got to go for a little walk. So awesome.


Still just so- Happy!

This was Sunday night, notice how great her eyes look!

BABY JAIL!! Her first crib!

She didn't hold back her smiles. This was her smiling at Veronica our nurses aid.
She was probably my favorite. Mercedes' favorite too!
Monday afternoon we found out that we could leave on Tuesday.
Next thing to get done- X-Rays.

The grey strip in the back is where the doctor cut.
The grey in the front is her suture that never closed. 
The greyed out lines is where the doctor cut slits to allow for rapid reshaping by the brain.
If you look close towards the back you can see where he separated the back suture.
Here is Mercedes in her "Daddy Rocks" shirt. 
There is a "34" on the bottom, we made these to celebrate Tim's 34th year.
And what a year it's been!

More Visitors! We had a couple of friends come earlier in the day. My dad's first cousin Pam and her two daughters were in Iowa City for a check up and they stopped by. We visited for about an hour and it was wonderful!
Then later in the afternoon a friend from college came by with her son. This was also a very nice visit. It was really nice to hold a happy baby who didn't have any cords hanging from him!
Then on Monday evening my brother, sister-in-law and their two kids came to visit.
We got to leave the hospital for the second time! We went to eat at Poncheros. It was nice, but I was ready to get back to my baby! Unfortunately Paul wasn't able to come in. So the boys hung out in the lounge.

The next day was a pretty busy one. It was discharge day. The next picture isn't for the faint of heart. It is a picture of what it looked like under all those bandages.

Next came the ugly helmet.

But she lights it up with those eyes for sure!

Walking out the door!
Pictures from home:

In an effort to decorate the helmet we bought plenty of stickers and people have got to "put their mark" on Mercedes!