Sunday, November 10, 2013

U is for what?!

Forgive me for my humor. I forget that not everyone in the world watches television and remembers silly commercials. I tried to find the commercial on youtube, but I couldn't figure out how. Some youtube genius can work on that for me...

U is really for Understanding:

There is a peace that passes all understanding. I feel we were gifted with that peace on Friday. Friday it was easy to pray, and easy to feel God's love and peace. We are thankful for that.

Maybe that fits U a bit better than unicorns. Or maybe it should be: always be understanding, unless you can be a unicorn, then be a unicorn? I like that. I think I will stick with it. It is hard to be understanding of other people, their situations. It is also hard to be understanding of myself and my situation. Sometimes it is a lot. But with that understanding comes more peace. Isn't life always a circle. I am working on being more understanding.

So what does the future hold. Well it looks like we might be in the PICU a bit longer. I was told this morning that Dr. M. doesn't really like to transfer patients on Sunday. Everything, as far as I am aware, is going perfectly for Mercedes. She is amazing. Her resilience and attitude is far beyond what I could have hoped for. She is doing great and really that is all that matters. Maybe we just need a bit more peace, inspiration, comfort and understanding.


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