Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Business As Usual

We have been home for a week now and the most surprising thing is that things are normal. My clean house lasted for about two days. Two glorious days. The kids came home Wednesday evening and it was a very emotional reunion. Our oldest came in the door crying, so thankful to be home with us. I asked her if her tears were tears of joy and she said yes. She was happy to get to do the things she did, she just missed us. Which is ok, because we missed her too. All of the kids were so thankful for the people they stayed with. They all had a great time and we were so happy to know that they were being loved and fed and well cared for. Thanks again, from the bottom of our heart for that. We really do know how blessed we are to have such amazing family and friends. We had a nice evening at home. It was so very peaceful. We were all very happy to be back home as a family.

That night began the first stress I really had over the whole experience. Sleeping was a bit of an adjustment for Mercedes. So in the middle of the night when she woke up, we checked her bandages and they had leaked. We were told we would not need to change Mercedes' bandages unless they got wet, so there in the middle of the night, the first night home, we needed to change bandages. It was a little stressful. Especially considering that the hospital said they would send us home with some just in case. Well, they forgot to get us more so we only were sent home with two. It takes five bandages to cover her stitches. We did what we could with the two. Thankful the top stitches didn't leak and stayed dry. And then Mercedes went back to sleep for 5 (almost uniterrupted) hours. And so did her mom. Enter the first day of watching Iowa Public Television in the morning for the kids before Mom and Mercedes got up!

Thursday proved to be a pretty good day after we got over the bandage issue. The hospital called and told us if it happened again to call. We got some new bandages, thanks to a special friend that came over. She first checked Walmart and Walgreens for bandages and then when that proved unsucessful, she came and watched the kids so I could run and get some. I found something that would do at CVS and was greatly relieved to have something just in case. The rest of Thursday found us getting back into a routine. It also found us getting back to fighting and arguing. Like I said, business as usual.

Here is a picture of how she spends a lot of her time. Up in a high chair, where no one can get her. Prior to this experience she didn't know what a toy is. She is quickly learning.

Friday morning Mercedes woke up with more wet  bandages. The swelling on her head was still very pronounced, another reason to call the doctor. So we changed the bandages early in the morning and then called the doctor later in the morning. They told us a little bit of leaking is normal when there was still so much swelling. The swelling is a bunch  of fluid pooled and it needed a place to leave the body. They said if it didn't go down then she wouldn't be able to get her stitches out, cue new worry. But other than that, they weren't all that concerned.

The next problem we ran into was also related to her bandages. The bandages we bought had a sticky plastic backing- not a good combination with a sticky cloth helmet. So the helmet tugged on her bandages when I took it off one day and that didn't make our little princess very happy or her mom.  Luckily, I had a nurse close by, my sister, and we got better bandages purchased and put on and everything was good as new. Its funny though- as I was stressing about these few days while I was out getting new bandages I realized how silly it was to be stressing. Hadn't we been blanketed in prayer? Hadn't everything we needed/asked for been taken care of? Why be anxious, why be stressed? It was this moment that I resolved to not worry about this endeavor any longer. Even if an infection occured, even if we had to change bandages a million times. We were going to be OK. Again, I have all the friends, family, and strangers that were praying so feverently for us to thank for this.  Friday night my sister bought us pizza and it really was a celebration. A celebration for prayers answered and in thanksgiving for how awesome our God is.

Time since has also been business as usual. We had some good friends over on Saturday. Which also saw the beginning of the helmet decorating. We bought a variety of stickers  to choose from and it has been really fun to see her helmet get covered with love. Literally. By the time we are done with her helmet, I doubt there will be a single space left for another sticker. A couple of people have even brought their own stickers from home. Such a fun time! So far I can remember *most* of who the stickers represent. By the end- unless I start writing things down, I definitely won't!  Again, just so thankful for all the love!

We had a service on Sunday night for my nephew/neice which passed away before he/she was able to be born. It was a beautiful service and my neices did such a good job celebrating the life of their sibling.

Monday we got back into the groove of school. Hitting all the goals I had for the day. Including having a mommy's helper come over and get my garage completely organized. Through all of these things Mercedes has just been a champion. Her smile is always quick to the surface. Someone remarked that with her smile you can hardly tell she is even wearing a helmet! I couldn't agree more. She has been a  bright spot for us this past week. A source of comfort and love. We couldn't be more thankful for her. Her swelling is almost completely gone. She hasn't had to have her bandages changed again. We go this Friday to get the stitches removed. Then she will likely wear her helmet till Christmas. She only takes tylenol once or twice a day. And a vitamin once a day (if we remember!) She is about as chill as she has ever been. Like I said. Business as usual. Mercedes is happy, the kids are kids. Tim and I are great. And I am in second place in my fantasy football league.
Life is good.

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