Tuesday, November 12, 2013


We have made it home. My heart is so full. I can't even begin to describe the emotions. I will definitely need some time to process this. So much love. So much understanding. So much awesomeness!

I get home to a clean house. Did I say clean? I mean immaculate. They washed my walls and everything. Wow. It is crazy that in the past five days I have cried more tears of joy and gratitude than fear and anxiety. That is all thanks to the love and prayers and support of our family and friends, and heck, even strangers! Thank you.

To the future... Mercedes has to wear her helmet for the next six to eight weeks. We can take it off when she lays down for bed, but that is about it. They said we can have it of when she is just sitting with us in a chair, but they don't know our dogs or our kids, so we will just leave it on whenever she is awake. This just leaves us with the tricky task of decorating it so it isn't so ugly. For that we have come up with an idea. A lot of people sign casts when someone breaks an arm, we decided that we will let people "sign" her helmet with a sticker. If anyone wants to pick out a small sticker and put it on her helmet you are welcome to. We have to approve the sticker of course.We don't want anything innapropriate (for example, Nebraska stickers), unsightly (Nebraska stickers), or vulgar (Nebraska stickers), etc.  We will buy a variety of stickers you can choose from, or you can bring one you have found on your own as long as it meets the above guidelines. If anyone lives far away but still wants a mark on her "cast" you can email me and tell me what you would like and we will see if we have it or feel free to send it in the mail. We are happy to receive visitors. If you are healthy and are in the area and want to come by and see Mercedes feel free. Just get in touch with me and we can make it happen.

So now we just have to manage her pain with tylenol, and give a mulitvitamin with iron for blood supply. There is still some swelling in the back of her head from spending a lot of time on her back, so we are trying to give more tummy time and holding upright to help that. She can't do any crazy playing, but other than that, she is all systems go.

I will update the Pictures blog one more time before too long. I may also do a few more blogs updating how things are going adjusting to home as well. No promises moving forward though. Eventually this blog will go back to being neglected or just my random thoughts. In the meantime it has been nice to have an easy way to put these crazy few days on "paper". 

Who says my helmet is ugly??
I can make anything look good!


  1. So...since you didn't mention ISU stickers, those are fair game?

  2. The rules included but were not limited to Nebraska. I have run it by the rules committee, Tim, and we regret to inform you that the ISU sticker will not be permitted.