Friday, November 8, 2013


The Lord is so good. We feel so enveloped in the arms of his mercy. All of your prayers and texts and outpourings of love are such a comfort. I couldn't have imagined what this experience would be like. I can't imagine going through this without the love of our friends, family and of course, our Father in heaven. We absolutley feel this love right now.

We brought her to pre op this morning and they took her back right on time, 7:15. A funny side note, the assistant to the main anesthesiologist ran past us on the skywalk on our way in, shouting good morning as she made her way past. I made a comment to Tim that the stranger was friendly. She turned out to be a member of Mercedes surgery team.

At 9:30 she had her first incision. It took two hours to get all of her lines in and get her ready for surgery, which is about what we expected. Babies are tricky.  At 10:30 they let us know that they are closing her incision and she is being brought out from under the anesthesia. We are just praying that she comes out fine and we will get to see her soon. The doctor will be up soon tell us how it went.

Thanks again for all of your prayers and thoughts and love. We couldn't have gotten through this so peacefully without you. Truly, truly we are all connected in this Body of Christ.

ps. just got even more assurance of God's presence in this whole journey! Wow. That was just about all she could say. Wow.

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