Friday, November 8, 2013

Recovering Nicely

So we made it through surgery and waking up nicely. We were able to go to the OR recovery room. We missed her waking up by a few minutes and when we got there they started her on her dose of morphine. The morphine really knocked her out. She struggled with keeping her breaths per minute up, simply because she was so zonked. The nurses weren't worried but I couldn't really help but to watch her vitals.  This was the story the rest of the afternoon. It felt like the first 7 hours of our day passed in slow motion. You could have told me it was 14 hours and I would have said that went by slow.

After she nursed around 4, we layed her back down and we figured out her IV slipped and she got some fluids in her foot. Not a big deal but they had to take the iv out of her foot so they only have the IV in her hand now.

She has been sleeping peacefully since about 7:00 and no beeps to alarm us. She ate 3 oz of a bottle like a champ and hasn't had any morphine since she woke up. Just tylenol around the clock now and they will give her some morphine if her pain gets out of control.

In other news, Tim and I were able to get away after she fell asleep and it sounds like the only person we missed were the people drawing her blood. I am sorry, did I say missed? Her blood levels are doing well. They have dropped a little bit since her surgery but again the nurses aren't concerned. We went for dinner at the cafe. We also got to check out our room. The Ronald McDonald House is full. But we were lucky to get into the Helen Rossi house late this afternoon. Did I say lucky? I mean blessed. Very blessed.

We have felt an outpouring of love from our family and friends and even strangers. To say it has been amazing is putting it lightly. I understand what it means to have a debt that you can't repay. Kind of like the love of Jesus on the cross Thank you all for being Christ to us in this stressful time.

*we would like to post pics but the internet here isn't conducive. We will try to add some later!


  1. So happy and relieved to hear things are good so far. Prayers and good thoughts continue!

  2. So awesome to read such great updates!!! Praise God for such a successful surgery. Continuing to pray for healing.