Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cranio Synowhat?

Mercedes was born in July 2013. Shortly after her birth we noticed a bump on the back of her head. The doc said it was just a bruise from normal birth trauma and it should go away. Well the bruise went away but beneath it grew a large protrusion. We thought initially that blood was pooling under her skin from the bruise and the birth trauma so we wanted to get it checked out. We got a referral to a neurologist. After six weeks of waiting for that appointment (no rush there!) and a referral for a CT scan, we found out that our daughter has a condition called Cranio Synostosis at the midline suture. Basically babies are born with four plates making up their skull that are all separated from one another so as to allow the brain room to grow causing a soft spot. Mercedes midline suture is fused togther prematurely. This is evidenced by a ridge where the plates have fused, basically eliminating her soft spot and have caused her head to have the shape of a football. We (I) call her my little egg head and I think a heisman trophy pose picture is necessary.

But I digress. Surgery is  necessary to remove the fused parts and allow for her brain to grow properly. Surgery is scheduled for November 8th at a prominent children's hospital in Iowa. We are very blessed to be working with one of the best surgeons and are very confident that Mercedes will be O.K.

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