Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pre Op. All systems yellow. Proceed with Caution.

We had our appointments with the Neurosurgery clinic and anesthesiology today. Poor little Mercedes didn't like being poked and prodded. I told her that today looks like a vacation compared to the next few days, so she better just get used to it! She got a pass from neurosurgery, with the caveat that anesthesiology will have to clear her as well.

Keeping a baby healthy October/November has proven to be a little difficult. A few weeks ago she had a little cold. Then her sisters and brothers got a stomach bug, which she avoided thankfully, and then we had to go to the opthamologist to make sure her clogged tear duct wasn't infected. A week before surgery everything was looking good, then Monday she came down with another cold! So we headed off to anesthesiology fully prepared to hear come back in six weeks. And we almost did.  The nurse anaesthetist listened to her lungs and couldn't really tell if the rattling came from her lungs or her sinuses. We suctioned her nose and she listened again and all was clear-ish. The Anesthesiologist felt comfortable saying go ahead with the surgery, but watch to make sure she doesn't develop a cough, a fever or any thick green mucous. She said that if it were her daughter she would go ahead with the surgery, so we are. So continued prayers for Mercedes immediate health are much appreciated. Taking her out of her element and off of her naps schedule doesn't really help to keep her happy and healthy. But as we have said many times, this is in God's hands and if for some reason the surgery isn't meant to be tomorrow, we will accept that. He has yet to lead us astray!

Currently we are doing ok. We are both nervous, but again trusting everything will work out for the best. To bide his time, Tim is at the movie Ender's Game with my dad. Afterall, "This is my vacation!" Speaking of my dad, my parents came to Iowa City today for a meeting with my dad's foundation. They wanted to stay and be there for us tomorrow. Which happens to be exra awesome because we didn't get into the Ronald McDonald house today. We are on a waiting list for tomorrow, so hopefully that works, but in the meantime we are hanging out with them and will stay in their hotel about 25 minutes away. So thankful for this special blessing.

A look toward the future...
Tomorrow we need to be at the hospital at 6am. They will get us checked in and ask us the same questions three times (their words, not mine!). Then they will take Mercedes away at 7:15 to get prepped for surgery. They said we might be able to go back and be with her till she is under. THEN they described the process. No thank you, I don't think I want to watch that!  They will start surgery about 9:15 and update us about half way through. It is about a two hour surgery. Then she will be taken to a recovery room where we can be with her and will meet with the neurosurgeon to hear how it all went. When it is all said and done she will have the fused portion of the bone cut out and slits cut in the side of the skull to allow room for brain growth. She will also have one or two blood transfusions. We will get transferred to the pediatric intensive care unit for about a day and then moved to the pediatric floor for a few more days. The total hospital stay will be about 5 days. Obviously we will know more as time progresses, but I wanted to get you up to speed.

Tim and I are both on our cell phones and emails and are happy to receive calls, texts, emails etc. If we can answer we will, but please understand if we don't respond right away. We will get back to you when we can. Otherwise we will try to keep everyone updated with progress via the blog. It will be impossible/exhausting to call everyone so this seems to be the best way to communicate the endeavours of Little Miss Mercedes.


  1. Love to all of you! We are praying for your beautiful girl and for all of you as well. Thank you for the update and just know that you are surrounded by people who support and love you and by the most faithful of all...our Heavenly Father!

  2. Praying. Love you guys.
    Jeane, Bo and family