Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cautiously Optimistic

Hello faithful blog readers from your not so faithful blogger. Due to my facebook hiatus I have decided to try to become a more active blogger. A lot has changed over the last year. One of the biggest things has been the birth of our fourth child, Justice Burke Loraditch. He is a doll and truly a joy to be around. However, now the blog's name is in question. It could be changed to three redheaded monsters and one sweet brown haired baby!

So, cautiously optimistic, that is the way we are living these days. We trust God has a great plan for our lives, He just hasn't revealed it to us. Currently we are a household of six living with a household of two. Yes, we have moved BACK in with my parents. So far it is going well, as far as we are concerned. Who knows, mom and dad may have a different story.

Why are we living with mom and dad, you ask? Well, we put an offer in on a house back in MAY that was accepted and we were due to close in June. We decided not to try to sell our house, with the market the way it is now, so we searched for the first part of June to find a renter. We did, and we think we found a good one, everything was settled there, we would close on the 20th of June and she would move in on July 1st. That was the plan anyway, our plan. By mid June it became apparent that we would not be closing on the 20th, maybe the 24th, maybe the 27th, maybe July sometime! It was time to move out of our house, but where, we didn't know. We busted our bums getting out of our house, getting it in some sort of nice shape before new people would move in. So with our stuff tucked safely at Kelly and Sven's, Mom and Dad graciously allowed us to move into their home, it was only going to be a week or so, no big deal. That was the plan anyway, our plan.

It quickly became apparent that we weren't going to be closing by July 6th, maybe the 13th, maybe the 15th, maybe the 20th. Now it is extended to the 26th and things are looking bright(er). There is hope that we may close within a few days of that very date. That is the plan anyway, our plan. Who knows, all we can do is stay cautiously optimistic.

As far as the blog goes I encourage you to do the same. I am going to do my best to keep updating the blog. I can't promise pictures, I can't promise posts, I can't promise anything even remotely entertaining, but I hope to provide some combination of all of the above. That is the plan anyway.