Wednesday, November 23, 2011

And the winner is...

We have been in our house for a few months now and we have realized we need to improve a few things. One of these things is that it only has one bathroom. Another is the kitchen. There is not nearly enough coutnertop space and there just seems to be a wall in the way. If you have ever been to our old house you know how we feel about walls. We recognized both of these things from the very start but herein lies the dilema. We can only really take on one project at a time, so which one? Over the last few months we have had the privelage of people coming over, some for just a few hours some for a few days! During this time we have been keeping track of what remodel would be the best one to do first, the kitchen or the bathroom. When a kid runs in from outside, in desperate need for a bathroom only to find a "NO VACANCY" sign we would give a point to the bathroom. When I would be in the kitchen cooking for the masses and run out of space for the food we would chalk another point up for the kitchen. Not to mention that I would be missing the terribly interesting conversation going on between the occupants of the living room- add another point! Then that same night someone would be brushing their teeth while another is waiting (albeit patiently) for a shower we would have to dole out another point for the bathroom. And on and on we would go about giving points here or there.
Ultimately, after all is said and done we had to make that really hard decision... I am happy to report that the kitchen won! It was actually pretty easy. My mom called one day and said that it had occured to her that she hadn't informed me of their thanksgiving plans. My aunt sue from Colorado and her husband were going to be in town and so we are going to get together, oh and by the way it is at your house. Was basically how the conversation went! As soon as I heard that news the decision was made... let's knock a wall!
My incredibly talented father came over the beginning of November and designed this awesome new kitchen for us. We had spent some time thinking about what we would do. Cut this wall down, add in a couple of cabinets, in an L shape and of course a bar. Sure it would eat into a lot of our walking space in our kitchen, kind of making it more galley-like, but who cares! The extra cabinet and countertop space would be worth it, right? The bar would protrude well into the dining room, but you can always just squeeze through, right? Well then mom and dad came in and blew our socks off with a completely new idea and I have to say, we are thrilled with the results so far! Of course, a remodel isn't excactly the best time in the world to misplace a camera so we don't have a whole lot of pictures of the process. But what we do have I will post on facebook when it is all said and done.
None of this would be possible without the amazing talents of my father and his incredibly patient wife. So thanks again Mom and Dad!