Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Who's Your Buddy Who's Your Pal?

PAPA!! Even Felicity thinks so! She loves the camera so it took her a while to say it, but as I was picking out the video to put on here, each time I asked in the video, she answered! SO stinkin' cute!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Pricelessness of Tea Parties

I was invited to tea today, and after putting it off while I looked at three different facebook pages and one status update, I knew I didn't want to put it off any longer (and I didn't want her to have to ask me again). So I joined my two princesses on the porch for a tea party. I tried to sit across from Ronni on the couch, but that just wouldn't do, the little Miss Kitty chair was evidently the spot reserved for me, it is amazing how well those chairs hold up! We had a delightful tea. I nearly choked on a grape, the tea was a little bland for my tastes, and my English accent wasn't impressing her, but all in all it was a wonderful time. Sitting on the chair in the porch with Felicity on my lap, happy, and Ronni next to me, smiling sweetly, I wondered why we didn't do this a little more often. Normally, when Peyton is taking a nap I am also laying down, or doing laundry or cleaning or balancing money or... you get the point. Anyway, today I participated in a tea party, and I truly enjoyed it.

The title for this blog could have been We Survived. Tim had another FuToN weekend this weekend. This time it was in the same town we live in so it wasn't as much of a burden as when he is out of town. Friday we went to the Zoo, had ice cream from McDonald's and a movie night, Beauty and the Beast. Saturday I went over to my mom and dad's and helped them clean out their garage. It is funny, we were supposed to have a deck painting party, I thought that would be a bit strange considering it was the last FuToN weekend that we surprised them with painting their upstairs! Alas, it rained so we didn't paint their deck, but we were able to clean out their garage and organize the cupboard under their sink (both are no small feat). Then my mom offered to keep Peyton over night, so that was a special treat for him, he had a golf lesson with papa on sunday, always fun!

This week has already been full of excitement. Today was the first day of Vacation Bible School. I was mortified when one of the teenagers helping asked me if Peyton knew how to listen! So it hasn't exactly started off on the right foot, but I think he may be sick, so that explains that a little bit. My brother in law Sven passed his boards so he may officially practice nursing in the state of Iowa! Congrats to him. Tonight, weather permitting, we are going to go and see Rich Hardin do a rehab start with the Iowa Cubs and then with 4 days of training coming up later this week, this week promises to be pretty crazy, but I am sure we will survive that as well!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Growing Up Fast *Updated*

The children in this household are growing up pretty quickly these days. Ronni has decided she wants to be a nun (with some positive peer pressure from her cousin Bethany). In fact, she announced it at the Aldi checkout and I am sure I got more than one shocked look, especially when the two girls were jumping up and down saying, "We can go to the same convent and we could be sisters!!" Peyton has also decided he wants to be a nun, we have explained that only girls are nuns, and boys can be Priests, but he is still pretty insistent, we'll see. Felicity is a mover and a shaker, that is for sure. She is grabbing life by the horns! She loves crawling and loves eating and loves being awake at 5:30 am and loves her siblings and her daddy- did I mention she is awake, for the day, at 5:30. That is the only bit that I am not loving. It is so sweet to see her so excited about life, she can brighten up the darkest day with her sweet smile, we are so thankful for her.

This past weekend was a whirlwind for us. My sister was an intern for the Principle Charity Classic and hooked us up with some pretty sweet tickets. We took the kids on Friday, all in all they did pretty well. There was one little hang up when Peyton fell and scraped his knee and wouldn't stop crying, one of the tournament helpers came running down the stairs to where we were by the portapotties, cookie in hand, asking me if it would help get him to be quiet, you would think, but it took a few second of convincing him he wanted the cookie/shoving it in his mouth before the crying actually stopped, I was mortified! But we moved on and the rest of the day was great. We came back, childless (except Felicity, thanks to my Aunt) on Sunday and got to watch the dramatic 4 hole play off! It was great fun! (thanks Kaela!)

I was helping with First Communion at our church, so Tim (the rockstar he was all weekend) took the kids to the Zoo to see Duck from Word World, a really neat television show on IPTV.They had a great time.

They also got their faces painted. The last time Ronni got her face painted, she had a spider web all over her face and she called herself spider-girl...

We are looking forward to an exciting summer. In addition to the zoo, and the pool and the lake, we have lots of summer activities planned. I just hope the weather will start cooperating. I actually like warm weather, and I am so looking forward to the temperature rise! To give some of you an idea... Tim had his space heater in his office on this week. It is JUNE!!! That is crazy. I hope all of you have a great summer!