Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Look who's...

WALKING!!! Felicity has just taken off and walking is now the preferred mode of transportation. Her favorite things are still the same, the xbox and the computer, but now she walks, no RUNS, to play with them. She is growing up fast!

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Monday, October 12, 2009

a BIG day for Felicity!

Check out this video!

Check this out!

My friend Mary and her daughter made this for us. It inlcudes her 2 children and my three...

This is a new one, Peyton is the mad scientist, Tim is Frankenstien, Genny is the werewolf, Ronni is the bride and Felicity is the Vampire... fitting.

This one has a few devries kids in it...

You're not the boss of me!

I am forever going to be haunted by these words. I became a legend of sorts in my family when I was about four, I told my (formidable) grandpa that he was not the boss of me. I hear this story nearly every Christmas, or at least everytime people start talking about "Old EJ". I used to think it was cute and was proud of my 4 year old self, but now that I am a parent, each time I hear it, I am secretly hoping that my parents, once over the shock, took me out back and taught me a lesson about respect. That being said today is not the first time that those words have been uttered in my house. The first day I heard these words I decided (however unwisely) to make them the boss of each other. Ronni had to listen and do whatever Peyton said and vice versa. I really haven't heard too much about bosses since that day. I thought perhaps whatever I was trying to teach sunk in. Well this way of thinking was pre-5 year old Ronni. This was the conversation at lunch.

R- Peyton we need to pray
P- You are not the boss of me
R- Acutally, I am the boss of you
P- No you are not, Mommy is the boss of me
R- I am almost six so I AM the boss of you.

The conversation continued with Ronni counting out how old she will be for the next 10 years, and then I will be seven and then I will be eight and then I will be... I ended the conversation by saying it was time to pray becuase I AM the boss of them!

(for any of you wondering, ronni has been 5 for a week and a half- naturally almost 6)

As an added side not, my kids are really into rhyming right now. The word they were just talking about was duck. So far I have heard, ruck, truck, luck... I am hoping they stop there.