Monday, October 12, 2009

You're not the boss of me!

I am forever going to be haunted by these words. I became a legend of sorts in my family when I was about four, I told my (formidable) grandpa that he was not the boss of me. I hear this story nearly every Christmas, or at least everytime people start talking about "Old EJ". I used to think it was cute and was proud of my 4 year old self, but now that I am a parent, each time I hear it, I am secretly hoping that my parents, once over the shock, took me out back and taught me a lesson about respect. That being said today is not the first time that those words have been uttered in my house. The first day I heard these words I decided (however unwisely) to make them the boss of each other. Ronni had to listen and do whatever Peyton said and vice versa. I really haven't heard too much about bosses since that day. I thought perhaps whatever I was trying to teach sunk in. Well this way of thinking was pre-5 year old Ronni. This was the conversation at lunch.

R- Peyton we need to pray
P- You are not the boss of me
R- Acutally, I am the boss of you
P- No you are not, Mommy is the boss of me
R- I am almost six so I AM the boss of you.

The conversation continued with Ronni counting out how old she will be for the next 10 years, and then I will be seven and then I will be eight and then I will be... I ended the conversation by saying it was time to pray becuase I AM the boss of them!

(for any of you wondering, ronni has been 5 for a week and a half- naturally almost 6)

As an added side not, my kids are really into rhyming right now. The word they were just talking about was duck. So far I have heard, ruck, truck, luck... I am hoping they stop there.

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