Monday, February 9, 2009

The Truth Comes Out

So some of you may remember a few weeks ago when I posted "We Survived". Well, I may have fibbed a little bit in that post. It is true that my kids spent the whole weekend eating junk food and watching movies downstairs, but Kaela and I did not. We spent the whole weekend painting my parents house! It was a family effort for sure, and it just reminds me why I love my family so much. Kaela and I got to work friday night after Tim left, we painted all day Saturday, with the help of my cousin as a babysitter. Then on Sunday, Mandie and Matt came over and we painted the rest of the walls, with the help of my sister Kelly as a babysitter! Tim came over after FuTon Weekend and provided Matt with some help, in the form of crappy beer... let me just tell you that the edging in the entry way was much neater before Tim got there! I think Matt had fun though. He really did do the hardest part, which was painting the very high ceiling entry way. The next few weeks were spent putting everything back together. Mandie creatively rearranged the living room and the basement. Then with the help of my aunt Tricia, we decorated the windows and put some other finishing touches on the room to tie everything together.

Everything was all set for when my mom arrived home last night. Here is her reaction!

I am not sure which surprised her most, the painting or that almost all of her children and grandchildren were there to receive her when she got home past 10 o'clock!


  1. Nice job Genny! I love the text that goes along with that pictures, it was a nice touch.

  2. WOW!!! That looks awesome!! Great job!

  3. We totally rock!! and the Best part about it is that I didn't lie to mom once! ~Kelly~