Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Little Game

This will probably be pretty easy for most of you. Every time whe have a new baby we take pictures of him/her in one special outfit. You may be wondering what makes it special, was it made by someone we love? Or perhaps one of us wore it as a child? Nope and nope. I bought it off of ebay and I am pretty sure we never wore anything like it when we were children. Still my husband loves that I dress the kids in it. Can you guess which kid is which?

Leave a comment if you want and leave your guess with their name labeled child#1, #2, and #3. I am sure that this isn't probably hard, but I think it is fun. I wonder if Tim will get it right!


  1. Nate & I pretty easily guessed:
    Hopefully we're right...I hesitated just a touch on Felicity & Ronni! =)

  2. Mandie and I agree with wildcat.

  3. Stone Girls vote:
    #1: Felicity
    #2: Peyton
    #3: Ronni

  4. #1 Peyton
    #2 Felicity
    #3 Veronica

    Congrats tim, you have gotten me to post on my account for the first time all year! A miracle.