Wednesday, February 11, 2009

For Sarah

My sister in law taught this to my children. Often our kids will ask us out of the blue if we have our tickets. This little scene unfolded at dinner, so we recreated it for the video camera. Enjoy!

(for anyone that needs a translation: they aks us,"Do you got your tickets,
"tickets to what?" they blow up their muscles and say, "to the gun show")

Also, Ronni begged me to take a picture of her the other day, so I did. Afterwards she asked, will you put that on your blog? I don't know why I was surprised she knows what a blog is, she's always asking me about my email. It is amazing what kids pick up! We had some great weather here a couple of days in a row. We went on a few walks, have had the windows open and generally, the household had a pretty good atmosphere. Yesterday was dry enough for us to get outside and play on the swing set. We had fun while it lasted, reality check- snow is in the forecast for Friday- 6-12 inches.

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  1. We have to get tickets to the gun show here too! The bad thing is, their dad taught it to them! It could be worse!