Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pictures!! *updated*

I couldn't upload pictures when I was blogging from my tablet. I thought about going back and inserting pictures into old posts but that seemed like too much work! I will just post pictures to this blog and will update as we get more. When I get some time I will caption them as well!

In the meantime these are mostly in time order. Beginning with Wednesday night when she had her sacrament for the Anointing of the Sick.

Veronica got to "do a server's job!" To say she was excited about that is putting it mildly. Maybe she would be ready afterall.


Afterwards, taking a good friend of mine's advice- we went out to dinner to celebrate her sacrament! We went to Spaghetti works, and she slept through the whole thing! Then off to drop kiddos off at Kelly's house.
The next morning we headed to Iowa City. I was so nervous we wouldn't go through with the surgery because her cold seemed to have gotten worse on Thursday morning. Lots of rattling and even what I felt like was a fever.

Here she is getting her blood drawn. Not her favorite thing, nor ours. Daddy didn't even watch. She didn't have a fever. We visited with an anesthesiologist and we got the all clear.

This is her in the hotel room. My parents were so thoughtful and decided to be here for us the day of the surgery. They let us stay in their hotel room, which turned out to be a lifesaver since the Ronald McDonald house never became available.

We went out to dinner with Mom and Dad. Sporting her hawks. The head band is so people know she is, in fact, a girl.

For the Star Trek Lovers.
Before her bath and scrub down. Happy before bed.


Waiting for anesthesia. I love the cute gown.


This part was more emotional than I could have ever guessed. Anyone who has been through this before knows what I am talking about. It is just something you can't really prepare for until it happens.
We let her go. Not knowing if she would come back, but trusting she was in good hands.


These are in the post op recovery room. She had just gotten morphine right before we got there so we missed her active stage. She didn't cry though, for the most part, coming out of anesthesia. At least that is what they told us. :)

We were very touched by the hat. Someone in the OR made it for her. So precious. We will always treasure it. Much better to see first thing than bandages.


Traveling to the Peds floor. The pole that held the IV was too high and it hit the frame of one of the doors chipping the paint. Mercedes has left her mark on this hospital!

Who's your buddy, who's your pal?


It was a long day. I remarked that they past in slow motion. Daddy and Mercedes both got some much needed rest.

Who's your best girlfriend??? NANA!

Finally she ate! See the green mask? That is the oxygen mask. She needed the "blow by" because she kept dropping her stats. Her breaths per minute was very lagged because of the morphine. Which didn't help her pulse ox. If she kept that oxygen close by though, she did great. It made for a mom watching a screen like a hawk for about 3 hours! She ate for the first time about 15 hours after her last feeding. She sucked the bottle down like a champ!

Once she was stable, and sleeping soundly without dropping stats, we decided to go and get some food. Man were we hungry. We went to the cafeteria and had a little fun along the way.


2nd Day post op

Daddy feeding his first bottle. Ever.

You should see the other guy...

Her new head shape.

Sleeping peacefully 3rd day post op! More pics to come.

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