Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April Blogging

These are all the posts I meant to do but was too busy to actually put it down in writing. I will post the pictures and titles, any creative writing that would have gone along with it will have to be left unsaid! Oh well, what is it they say, a picture is worth thousand words...
Basil Part Deux
Where's Basil?

There she is!

Opening Day 2009

Girl's Night Out

Dude's Night Out
We each took our kids out on a date. We both took them to the fish fry but ate separately, then Ronni and I went to ride the train at Merle Hay and play at the play place and Tim and Peyton went to look at animals at Pet Smart and then Daddy toys at Best Buy and then Peyton toys at Target, where he got to pick out a cool car! It was a good time hanging out with the kids!

"He Looks Like a DAD!"

Go Cubs Go Go Cubs Go

Hey Chicago, what do you say? Cubs are gonna win today!

Best Friends (no, not twins!)

Great Weather!

Ronni at 21?
Golfing with a Pro

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  1. lol, that was fantastic! I love seeing all these great pictures that I seem to miss out on...I think Peyton looks more like a goombob than a Dad.../ponders.