Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The things kids say

So Peyton has a new owie on his pinkie, actually quite a big chunk of skin has been removed. Anyway, while doing a little first aid today Ronni asked Peyton why he was having a bandaid if there wasn't any blood anymore. I told her because it would help the skin heal faster. So she asked Peyton how long he would be wearing the bandaid and he said, "till summer" She apparently didn't think this was out of line at all and was satisfied with his answer. As soon as I got the bandaid on though, Peyton said, "I feel so bad for myself, Ronni do you feel bad for me?" R- "Yes, Peyton, I should have prayed for you and your pinkie at church, I would have said, please make peyton's finger better, we pray to the Lord, Lord Hear our Prayer!"

Wow, all the while I was thinking, do I put this on facebook or actually blog because I knew it was shareworthy!

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