Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Sad Day

No it isn't really a sad day, in fact, it is a special day-today is my father's 54th birthday! The kids called him this morning, and it just amazes me how fast Peyton is growing, he practically led the song. It was super cute, at least I thought so. Hopefully dad enjoyed it.

Happy Birthday Dad/Papa

On a sad note, my sister Kaela just called me, Ronnie Cedeno is no longer a Cub. I told Ronni and Peyton and all they could say was why? I don't know, kids, probably because the Cubs are intent on breaking our hearts! Now I know how my mom felt when they traded Mark DeRosa.
(a funny note about above picture, after taking this picture mom made a comment how she wanted another one because she didn't really want to be holding a drink- "we need to have a picture of us we can display," so we took about a dozen more, I could post them but a few of them are pretty embarrasing... In anycase, I was going to publish one of those till I noticed the hat Dad was wearing- Mom, I don't think you should be worried about whether or not you guys are holding drinks!)

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