Tuesday, January 20, 2009

They Grow So Fast

So it has been kind of crazy around here, what with being holed up in what seems like a little box, for the majority of the past three weeks. It is no wonder I dream of warmer climates (and a bigger house) at night.
We had a special guest over last night. My aunt Ann (my dad's sister) came over so we could teach her a little bit about her new iPod Touch. Sometimes it is nice to have someone new over to your house to give you a little perspective. Maybe the crazy is mostly in my head... I thought that bedtime last night was nuts, and the kids were naughty coming out three or four times and I was secretly worried that our guest would get annoyed with the kids. After the iPod lesson was over, Ann commented on how easy the kids went to bed, REALLY!?!?! It is probably pretty amazing the difference between what you see when it is your kids and what is actually actual. Okay, Genny, Step back and realize, they are 3 and 4 and they grow so fast, no need to stress about a silly bedtime routine...
Speaking of they grow so fast, Felicity, is growing so fast. We just went to visit our friends little baby, she was two weeks old, and so tiny, to us that is, she had already gained a pound, so she seemed big to her parents... talk about perspective. Well this is our little girl, she isn't so little anymore and it is amazing the change (to us) in three months.
Felicity at two days

Felicity at three months

(with Bethany, speaking of growing fast)

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