Friday, March 20, 2009

Only 362 More Days

We had a happy St. Patrick's Day. I hope all of you did as well. St. Pat's day in our family ranks right up there with Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving! I am not sure if it is because we love being Irish or because we love beer. Probably a combination of both. Whatever the reason, the 17th of March is a pretty fun day for the ol' Burke Clan. Lately we have something of a tradition to go downtown to the Embassy. They open their banquet hall and have an Irish band and Irish dancers. It is really kid friendly, which is great, I don't know many other places on St. Patrick's day where one can go with their 4 year old, 3 year old and 5 month old and still get a beer and have a nice time. Each of the other kids have been to a bar on St. Patrick's day, but it doesn't provide quite the same atmosphere. Mostly it is just, "You have a baby... in a bar!?!?" Anyway, we had an awesome time. A lot of our family and friends came out with us to celebrate.
Kelly came over in the morning and we got ready together, which is also becoming something of a tradition. Always a good time.

Can't you tell how excited Ronni is. Normally she is really happy to get her picture taken, not today, but that is okay, Peyton's smile more than makes up for hers.
The kids had a great time on the dance floor. Bethany and Emma were able to join us. Madeleine and Leah were a bit under the weather, so unfortunately Mandie had to stay home, but at least the older girls were able to come. It just wouldn't have been St. Patrick's Day without a DeVries showing!
My friend Sadie and her kids, Creighton, Addyson and Tyson were able to join us as well. They are becoming regular members of the family, joining us for a lot of our family functions. It is nice to have such awesome friends. My parents also have great friends that have become members of our family, Curly and Julie. I can easily see Sadie and Nate in the role of Curly and Julie. We have it even better because they don't drink so when all of our kids are older and we go out we will have a built in designated driver. Me with Sadie and my mom with Julie. Curly, Tim and Nate weren't able to come to the Embassy, they had to do something called work, not sure what that is on St. Patrick's day, but oh well. Curly and Tim joined us later at my mom and dad's. We had corned beef and cabbage and beef stew. It was a great spread that my mom put together. She is a pretty awesome lady! Oh yeah, did I mention how much Creighton loves Kaela, but then again, what's not to love (watch out Mitch). She was a blast on St. Patrick's day. As well as one of her best friends, Jaci. (Julie's daughter, can you see the trend?) She held Felicity for a long time and I really appreciated that. Always nice to get a break!Two of my awesome aunts were there too,Tricia and Ann, they are so much fun, I just love getting to spend St. Patrick's day with so much of my family. My uncle Bernie was there in person for only a little while, but in spirit the whole day. We made it to a bar later in the day and I actually had a complete stranger ask me if I we knew Bernie Burke. Strange.

We were able to get out on the dance floor for our annual tribute to my Grandma Burke. Here we are dancing to Danny Boy. Later at Mom and Dad's we all joined in singing some Irish songs, our cousin Matt was there and he was pretty awesome. I actually sang Danny Boy- Mandie you are not allowed to miss St. Patrick's Day again! Let's just put it this way, there wasn't a dry eye in the house, but for a whole different reason!! All in all it was a great time, and I can't wait to do it again. Only 362 more days!

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