Friday, March 20, 2009


After looking at the pictures from Grandma's house I could tell that I didn't have my blog in mind when I was there. There is not really many blog worthy pictures, but I will post what I have for memory's sake. I suppose the longer I blog the better I will be about taking more pictures. My mother had some good ones, but who knows when she will ever upload them and send them my way. (Maybe a little faster now that I have called her out! : )
This first picture is of Felicity and Grandma, this isn't the first time they have met, but it is the first time Grandma got to hold her I think, so that was pretty sweet.

This picture is of Grandma's orange tree. She is trying to see how big her fruit can get, I think it is just cool she could get the plant to fruit at all. I can guarantee you that if it was at my house the plant would die before it would even leaf. Although looking at all of grandma's plants it makes me want to have a greener thumb. They were pretty cool!

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  1. Grandma and Felicity sort of have the same smile in that picture.